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Crescat is a global macro asset management firm.
We deploy tactical investment themes based on proprietary value-driven models.
Our strategic investments in global precious metals
fuel exploration, growth and innovation.
Our mission is to grow and protect wealth by capitalizing on the most compelling macro themes of our time. We aim for high absolute and risk-adjusted returns over the long term with low correlation to common benchmarks.

Precious Metals
Fund Presentation

Given the exciting and timely opportunity in the early stages of what we believe is a new bull market for gold and silver, Crescat has started an activist fund to invest in the precious metals mining industry.
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Research Letter

A Collision of Macro Narratives – Two diverging schools of macro thoughts are prevalent today. One calls for a “Roaring 20s” redux while the other believes in a forthcoming liquidity crisis. Both narratives have valid points and flaws. To be clear, we find ourselves right in between the two. Let us elaborate…
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Crescat invites you to take a look through our current macro deck. This research is an important component of our investment process, illustrating how we evaluate the broader market and positions within our five strategies.
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Firmwide Presentation

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